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This is the day I almost fall to pieces. I’m exhausted, I’ve got some kind of huge zit on my forehead (I think?) even though I’ve been really hardcore about my skin routine (here’s a tip for the ladies: if going on an intense work trip that will leave you feeling run down, pack twice as much skincare stuff as makeup, because you can’t hide tired, dull, dry, oily, flaky, clogged-up skin). And, to make matters extra-worse, I woke up with a really sore throat. The kind that I desperately fear will turn into a cough that lasts three weeks.

I don’t know how it happened this time, because I’ve been going to bed early-ish (12:30 or so, but that’s super early compared to most), eating pretty well, not really drinking, and generally taking care of myself. I’ve even been taking vitamins every morning! Sometimes, you can’t avoid the bugs that are going around. What matters is how you deal with them. In my case, the answer is: by trying to nip it in the friggin’ bud.

I started my day by heading out to my most important appointment, “Awesome Ladies Club” brunch with a few cool women I know. ALC was spontaneously invented in Berlin when my friend Ivy mentioned wanting to meet more women who are doing similar stuff to what she’s interested in and who are kind of at the same beginning-ish stage of their careers, so that we can all support each other, learn from each other, talk about hair and boys, and so on.

Brunch on The Hollywood Reporter terrace was a strange and comforting experience because it was like a North American breakfast (rare – like, super rare – around here). Not a croissant to be seen, but my eggs benny were pretty good. After catching up with the ladies, I headed to a pharmacy, bought more vitamin C, some throat losanges, a vial of oil of oregano and whatever else I could find, and hightailed it home for a two hour nap, followed by another two hours or so of just taking it easy in the apartment. No movies, no meetings, nothing but rest and recovery. Priority: health. I’m gonna be here for nearly another full week, and I don’t want to spend it miserable.

I almost didn’t go out at all in the evening, but I really didn’t want to miss my chance to see Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are. I love Stake Land and I’ve been super curious about this one ever since it premiered at Sundance. So, I threw on pants and went out. Luckily, this is another one of those Quinzane screenings that take place at a theatre that’s only two blocks from our apartment, so it’s not much of a trek.

Jim Mickle & cast stand by as their intro is translated to the French audience

Jim Mickle & cast stand by as their intro is translated to the French audience

The film is beautiful and has some really great performances (Bill Sage, who I’ve loved since he was in all the early Hal Hartley films is pretty great as the scary dad, and Julia Garner is definitely a young lady to watch). I ultimately had some questions and issues with the story which I won’t go into because, y’know, spoilers, but the film is really well done, no doubt about that.

The girl on the left (Julia Garner of Martha Marcy May Marlene, Electrick Children & We Are What We Are) is clearly gonna be a big star one day

The girl on the left (Julia Garner of Martha Marcy May Marlene, Electrick Children & We Are What We Are)  is  gonna be a big star one day

After the film, we stop into the official We Are What We Are party to congratulate Jim, but vow to leave early (easy in this case, because unlike all the other open bar parties we’ve been to all week, this one has drink tickets – so it’s much tougher to get carried away). On the way home we stop at the Grand Hotel terrace and the Petit Majestic (the high rent / low rent late night destinations of Cannes) to say hello to some pals, and end up buying beers and taking them back to our apartment, where we hang out on the balcony with two good friends until after 2am, talking about what it’s like to raise chickens (hey, nobody likes talking about movies all the time). So much for keeping the early nights trend going! Still, hanging with pals on the balcony for an hour or so is not the same as knocking back shots at an open bar. Overall, a successful day, and even my throat was feeling better by bedtime.