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The Pentachrist is a character that I have dreamt about three times. He has the body of a man, the head of a goat, and the horns of a ram. When he comes to the earth, the world will end.

this is not what the Pentachrist looks like, but he has a similar pentagram-shaped badge/emblem/thingy

this is not what the Pentachrist looks like, but he has a similar pentagram-shaped badge/emblem/thingy


Dream #1 (over a year ago)

Note: this one involves lots of dreams-within-the-dream, so just treat every mention of “waking up” in the description as part of the dream. 

In the dream, I am having a recurring dream. In the recurring dream, I find myself in a barren wasteland. The light has a red quality, it’s misty, mostly flat but with some outcroppings of mountains or jagged hills in the distance. There is a terrifying creature who rules this wasteland. He has the body of a man, the head of a goat and the thick, curled horns of a ram. Somehow, I know that his name is the Pentachrist. It’s as if he’s warning me in the dream that he is coming.

Every time I have the dream, I wake up in a cold sweat, but over time I feel less scared in the wasteland. I begin to explore. I learn new things. I learn that when the Pentachrist finds a portal, or a gate, or whatever he needs to cross over into our world, he will bring about the apocalypse.   

I realize that I’m not alone in the wasteland. There are other humans there, four others, spread out and very far away from me. We can see each other – just barely – but we’re much too far away to communicate, and the wasteland is deceptively large. I want to reach them but I can’t.

One day, it hits me, a realization that should have seemed obvious but never was: these four other people, they are real. They exist, in the waking world, just like I do. They are also having the dream. If I can’t cross the wasteland and speak to them in the dream, I should find them in real life. Perhaps together, we can find out why this is happening to us. I start to search for them when I’m awake. They could be anywhere.

The second realization comes more slowly. That the five of us are the only ones who can stop the Pentachrist. We are having this dream because we are, somehow, “chosen”. He is warning us that he is coming, but he is keeping us apart in his wasteland because he knows we can stop him. If we find each other in the waking world, the five of us can form the five points of his pentagram, and we can stop him from coming into existence. We are the only ones who can save the world. 

Note #2: I posted this dream (in brief) on Twitter and my friend Daniel Cockburn read it and then thought about it and came up with a complete narrative, fleshing out the bits I dreamt and giving it a great ending. I liked his take a lot!   

Dream #2 (August 2013)

I am staring at the night sky, looking for constellations I recognize. I see the Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia, my favourite. Suddenly, I see two glowing stars in the sky. They are looking at me. Their gaze is piercing. A voice whispers in the wind “when you see his eyes in the sky, he is coming”. The voice doesn’t need to tell me who it is referring to. I know it is the Pentachrist.

when you see his eyes in the sky ... he is coming

when you see his eyes in the sky … he is coming

Dream #3 (October 2013)

This dream is about linguistics – morphology. We are analyzing root words, morphemes, the smallest units of syntax, of language. 

We are analysing the root “pen”. 

I am writing with a pencil.




I draw a circle with the pencil I am holding. I draw a star inside the circle.


A weird feeling bunches up in my stomach. I regret drawing the pentagram. I have unleashed something. Something that is like a coven of witches, but more abstract. Ghost witches. Witch spirits. They are bringing a message. 



He is coming.


So, what should I do? Write a script or novel or something because it might make a good scary movie, or start preparing for the apocalypse because the joke will be on me when the dreams turn out to be a real warning that I’ve been ignoring for a couple of years now?