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I had all these grand plans for getting back to the gym after Cannes, but then I had a shitty cold that lasted for three weeks (have I mentioned lately how grateful I feel for my health every single time I swallow? I do, because it’s only been like a week of pain-free swallowing over here since May 24).

Anyway. Fitness plans delayed by three weeks. Then we went to visit Colin’s folks for a few days (which was lovely, but not very gymmy). So, nearly a month after I got back from Cannes, I finally made it to the gym for the first time in forever. Sigh.

I’m no athlete, but I do know that when I exercise regularly, my moods are significantly better and less swing-y, my sleep patterns are far more stable and I rarely wake up at 4am just for the fun of contemplating every terrible thing that the brain is capable of thinking of until dawn. Plus, I have ten times the energy of my normal self. And way fewer introverted-hermit periods where I don’t want to leave the house or speak to anyone including my closest friends (which otherwise happens to me more often than you might think. Interacting with other humans is so exhausting). Plus, y’know, there are the “fitness benefits”.

Today I started way easy, with a workout that consisted of a 30 minute interval sesh on the elliptical trainer plus a bunch of squats plus a half hour spent seriously stretching my very tight and at times clicky and painful hips. I’ll get into the more serious workouts later. For now I’m just trying to acclimatize myself to the idea of going and not hating it.

I was creaky and stiff, but surprisingly, I did enjoy my hour at the Y. It almost made me feel like a movie tough guy in a training montage, which is kind of the goal.

It’s 70ish days till September right now. Let’s see what kind of change I can affect in my body composition between now and end of summer, eh?

I’ll let you in on a secret. I one specific goal in mind which I have been mono-focused on for years but never achieved. I want my shoulders to look like this:


Think I can get there by the end of this summer?