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This isn’t an update about a film Im producing, but it is an update about a film that Colin Executive Produced and that a dear friend of ours, Joseph O’Brien, wrote and directed. Joe is a veteran screenwriter but a first time director which makes it extra exciting to finally be able to congratulate him not just on completing a great movie but securing a very cool world premiere as well.

David Hayter kicks ass in Devil's Mile

David Hayter kicks ass in Devil’s Mile

Fantasia just announced its second wave of programming. Among other awesome offerings is Joe’s film, Devil’s Mile. You can read the whole announcement over at Twitch.

I’m selfishly hoping that it’ll be screening over the same weekend as the co-production market so that I can attend without having to buy a second set of train and hotel tickets, but even if that’s not the case, I’ll clearly have to splurge on this, because it will be crazy fun to celebrate with the Devil’s Mile team in Montreal.