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Not really. But I definitely feel like the compounded stress of the past few weeks has made me neglect myself a little bit.

For the past year or so, Colin and I have been getting a weekly box of fresh, organic produce delivered to our door. We use Front Door Organics. The service is fantastic. The basic box costs $37, and it’s a good deal – there’s almost too much in the box for the two of us to eat in a week. If I don’t cook every single day, we end up with a lot left over at the end of the week. That in itself is an incentive to cook, because otherwise you’re letting perfectly good food go to waste. Even just the simple fact that I don’t have to find time to go grocery shopping means that I cook more often (my problem isn’t “not making time to cook” it’s “not making time to ensure there are things to cook with in the fridge”), so on the whole the box delivery experiment has been a huge success.

However, for the past two weeks I’ve been stress-eating pizza and ice cream and I am really feelin’ the consequences. I’m sluggish and grumpy and I have wilting kale in my fridge.

I didn't finish it in one sitting, but three sittings isn't thaaaaat much better

I didn’t finish it in one sitting, but three sittings isn’t thaaaaat much better

After months of eating well and going to the gym approximately five days per week (seriously, I’ve been doing that since October – I’m not sure that it shows on the outside but I feel like a new person on the inside), I’ve really gone on an insane downward spiral for the past three weeks. The compounded stress of too much work, too many high-stakes projects on the go, too much travel, too many deadlines, too many simultaneous out of town visitors, and too little sleep has conspired to make me feel like I’ve undone all the good work I’ve done over the past seven or eight months of reasonably healthy living.

I can see where the problem lies (in my lack of self control, probably) and I’m really struggling to get my ass back in gear. I work better, have more energy and am more focused when I’m living a basically healthy lifestyle. I’m not some kind of health fanatic, but I can tell the difference between pizza + beer and salad + the gym on my moods. In fact, the effect on my moods is so dramatic and immediate that it’s kind of shocking. So, why is it so hard to make the right choices?

Rhetorical question.

see how gleeful I look when I'm flexing muscles I don't have?

see how gleeful I look when I’m flexing muscles I don’t have?

For the next five-ish weeks, I’m hoping to jumpstart a new era of fitness motivation with some classes at Academy of Lions (I love feeling like a tough guy when I work out so this vibe is pretty much made for me), but I know the real key is making time to eat properly.

I don’t want to become a lame fitness blogger who’s constantly posting half-naked before and after shots, but I know that I have a lot (A LOT) of work ahead of me on a million film projects over the next few months, and if I don’t get my lifestyle and daily routines under control, I’m never going to be able to manage it without going nuts. In the interest of using this blog to post about all of the stuff I’m juggling in my life, I thought it would be a good idea to do an occasional health check-in. But don’t expect weekly stats on my workouts or anything. Unless you really want that sort of thing, weirdos.