Sunday May 21st was kind of a perfect day.

I woke up early (on purpose, and not just because a cute baby woke me) and strolled through the totally empty, sun dappled streets of Cannes to the Palais to attend an 8:30am screening* of the Noah Baumbach film, The Meyerowitz Stories.

rue d’Antibes at 7:00am

* Note to self: don’t go to 8:30am screenings without eating or drinking anything, you will feel nauseous.

The Baumbach film gave me everything I want from a Baumbach film: a quirky, dysfunctional family of charming intellectuals and/or artists. Best Adam Sandler performance since Punch Drunk Love, and a few really touching moments. It wasn’t brilliant, but it hit the spot.

horsin’ around by the carousel

When I walked out of the Palais, Colin and Sasha were waiting for me by the carousel. We strolled around together to the far eastern end of the Croisette, past the Martinez hotel. We  scoped out the public beach and  stopped for ice cream.

Tip #1: eat the soft serve in Cannes. It’s so good and the flavours are better than what we get back home. 

Sasha had his very first taste of ice cream (pistachio soft serve – wonderful) and then we meandered back home to put him down for a nap.

world’s cutest napper

Tip #2: when in the south of France, don’t forget to get wet in the Mediterranean. 

We maximized nap time by racing back down to the beach on our own while Tim watched over sweetie pie, so that we could take a very brief and very refreshing dip in the sea before racing all the way across the boardwalk to the other end of the Croisette to attend a genre-festivals mixer back at the ol’ Plage des Palmes.

It’s sad to come all the way out to the French Riviera and not go to the beach. Even sadder to come home and say “no, I didn’t even dip my toe in”. So, dip it! Dunk fully. It’s 100% worth it.

We ate more ice cream, by the way. It was a two-cone day. Banana caramel swirl soft serve the second time. Why doesn’t every ice cream truck on earth have these flavours?!

After catching up with a few good friends and meeting a filmmaker whose pitch I was really intrigued by, we scooted off to meet Team Shudder for a drink and catch-up talk – mostly about the films everyone had seen so far.

By this point, Sasha had woken up and we wanted to give Tim a break so he bundled the little guy into the stroller and came to meet us, and we proceeded to wander around before a meeting with a friend that ended up being cancelled

With no meetings and no social plans on the agenda, we felt a bit adrift and tried (but failed) to get takeout at a few places, until a Lebanese restaurant called Maroush near our place absolutely saved the day.

Tip #3: step out of the Cannes bubble at least once. 

We didn’t get much work done, but I got to see a movie, and we got to swim  and socialize and connect with pals and y’know what? I really needed this kind of day. Not every day has to be all about meetings. Sometimes you can take a day trip to Nice and visit the Chagall museum, or take a ferry to l’île Sainte-Marguerite and stroll around soaking in the history (it’s the island where the Man in the Iron Mask was held). Or just eat ice cream.

Movie count: 1 (finally!)
Meetings and/or receptions count: 2
Ice cream flavours count: 3