Lessons in “taking it easy at TIFF”:

  1. Even if you sneak out of a Midnight Madness screening halfway through and make it to bed by 1:30am, you will still be tired in the morning. Skip your morning. It’s fine. What were you gonna do anyway, watch The Martian? That’s probably going to be out in theatres five minutes from now. You’re not some Matt Damon completist who needs to see it before everyone else. Oh wait, you weren’t going to see The Martian, you were going to see the new Kore-eda? Okay, that’s a bit better, but still, he’s kind of an internationally recognized master. This isn’t your only chance to see it. Sleeeeep.
  2. Don’t skip your 1pm lunch date. That would be rude, and besides, after all that sleep, you’re going to be hungry. Order something hearty and catch up with a friend from across the world.
  3. It’s late afternoon by now. Why not go see a movie? Kick up your feet in that IMAX theatre and enjoy a “New England folktale”. Then go back to the hotel and take some time to contemplate what the film is saying while you lie in bed. You need a break before dinner.
  4. Go to dinner. Enjoy the company of some Midnight Madness and Vanguard directors and enjoy a really great meal. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella.
  5. Go back to the hotel and starfish on the bed for about 12 hours. You’ve earned it!
The Witch ... or is she?

The Witch … or is she?

I genuinely don’t know what I thought about The Witch just yet. As I said on Facebook and Twitter, the film really wasn’t what I was expecting … but if you asked me what I was expecting, I’d have to say that I genuinely don’t know. I had a conversation with a friend who I saw the film with, who pointed out something I hadn’t really noticed or realized – and that  is the fact that the film presents, but does not comment on, the based-on-historical-records events it is depicting. It’s an interesting point because it hadn’t really occurred to me to think about the filmmaker’s point of view. I was too busy trying to figure out my own. I’m not sure where I stand on it yet but I might write a future, spoiler-filled post about it.



Another film that premiered on Friday is Marcin Wrona’s Demon, a totally gorgeous film about a possession that takes place in the middle of a big, boozy country wedding. This film was such a breath of fresh air, and the lead actor (Itay Tiran) is just brilliant. I didn’t see it at the premiere (I saw it when Colin threw it on after a day of disappointing screeners, and it knocked us both off our feet), but I wanted to give it a little bloggy promo, because it’s great, and deserves to be seen on the big screen. This is one of those festival titles that you legitimately might not get to see again (at least in a theatre), but it is very worth your while. Trust!