It’s hard to believe that it’s already over. On  Friday – just two short days ago, as I write this – we completed our last full day of shooting. That’s a picture wrap on Birdland, people! Four months ago, I wasn’t even sure it would ever happen. Three  months ago, I wondered whether it would ever start feeling real. Two months ago, we were nearly starting. And now it’s over!

Our shoot was originally going to be 15 days, but as we went along we realized there were little bits and pieces that we wouldn’t have time for, and scenes that required a bit of extra time to get right. We added the 16th day to give ourselves a bit of breathing room, and it was a very smart decision. We did need the extra time – we never would have squeezed those scenes into our original 15 days. But we also needed the space to add a few scenes that we dropped along the way.

the crew huddled on the corner of Queen & Strachan, getting one of our final shots of the night

the crew huddled on the corner of Queen & Strachan, getting one of our final shots of the night

What started out as an extra half-day with a skeleton crew ended up being a full day with the whole crew, and while I wanted to be mindful of the cost of adding that time, I also think it was a very smart decision.

The cost of adding a day at the end of a shoot when you’ve already got all your actors and crew assembled (and all your equipment and props assembled too) is smaller than the cost of realizing a month later that you’re missing something crucial.

After a long and successful shoot, everyone was in high spirits and the final day went really well. Nothing major to report because it was so damn smooth.

Even the weather cooperated with us. It was raining during the indoor portion of our shoot and cleared up by the time we moved to exteriors. For me, the final shot of the whole film couldn’t have worked out better – the location was half a block from home, at Midfield, and we arrived just before last call so I was even able to order myself a celebratory glass of wine before strolling home to bed.

On Saturday, after a bit of sleep, we got together for a wrap party to hug and swap stories and celebrate the fact that we got it done and drink and eat snacks and stay up late for fun instead of for work. I can hardly believe it’s over. But, like, woooooooooooo!