The start of our second week was a bit intense, because we suddenly shifted, only for that one day, to a daytime schedule. The 1pm to 1am shift felt great when we were all out in the sunshine during the day and when we were all heading to bed before last call. But in the grand scheme of things, it really messed me up, because I’d been trying to keep a “night shift” schedule during my days off. That is how the rest of the shoot will go, and it’d help if I could get acclimatized. 

But enough about sleeping, let’s talk movie!

On our fifth day, the big goal was to pick up a scene that we’d lost on Day 2 due to poor weather and an early sunset. We weren’t able to use the original location again, so finding a decent alternative took a lot of time and effort. We ended up finding a place that was even better than our first option, but it was nerve-wracking trying to reschedule something that we couldn’t fit anywhere else into our schedule. If the Plan B location had fallen through, we would have really been in trouble.

the Plan B location - should have been Plan A

the Plan B location – should have been Plan A

Luckily, it didn’t come to that, but the whole experience made me realize how important it is to stay on schedule. We lost this scene for reasons that weren’t entirely in our control, but we were lucky that it happened at the beginning of our shoot when flexibility in the schedule still existed. If it had happened a few days from now we would have had to cut a crucial scene from the film or spend thousands of dollars that we don’t have on scheduling an additional shooting day in order to get it.

It wasn’t cheap to reschedule even now. Paying for a new location, calling in a bunch of actors who weren’t originally supposed to work on that day, and so on – it’s all got a price tag. But at least it was possible to do. I thank the old gods for that!

the ROM at night

the ROM at night

I feel lucky, and forewarned of the dangers of falling behind, and optimistic about this schedule. Days six, seven and eight are all in the same location so hopefully the team will be able to pick up a bit of steam simply because we’ll save a bit of time and energy by not having to load two trucks full of equipment in and out at the beginning and end of every day. At least for a couple of days.

After our rescheduled shoot (at the delightful St. Anne’s church only five doors down from my house) we did a bunch of challenging stuff that all turned out really well – some exteriors at our Day 1 location (the museum) and some shooting inside a subway train. Lemme tell ya, there are a lot of drunk youngsters on the subway at midnight on a Thursday. If you saw some Vines or Instagram videos of a beautiful young woman screaming on a subway car posted by random drunk college students on Thursday night – they were probably on our train car.

crowded as hell but getting it done

crowded as hell but getting it done

Day five wasn’t a heavy day in terms of page count and I was deeply grateful that we got it all done.

Onward and upward.