Our first week of filming was a short one – only four days – and the first weekend came not a moment too soon for my over-tired ass. After arriving home in a giddy, delirious, almost-too-awake state on Monday morning and puttering around the apartment for an hour feeling like I might never sleep again, I conked out until almost 4pm.

I  was too out of it to do anything and decided to decompress by going to the movies by myself (an excellent way to spend time alone, distracted from work), and then came home and did various light tasks until around 4am.

I wanted to maintain the night schedule to make the second week a bit easier on my system but there’s a lot to do this “weekend” that relies on my ability to be reachable during working hours, so today I woke up around 11am and got right into the paperwork required to ensure we get our next instalments of funding as quickly as possible, so that we can pay for all the work we’re in the middle of doing.

laying down the dolly track for a big scene

laying down the dolly track for a big scene

Racing around to print documents and get them signed, going to the bank and emailing funders is the last thing I want to be doing on a so-called “day off” but there’s no choice in the matter. If we don’t get the money, we can’t pay people. And the people who need to get paid – it’s not their problem that my schedule is very busy and that our funders sometimes take a long time to review documents.

Oh yeah, and we also need to confirm all the scheduling, logistics and various other details for the second week of shooting, which starts in two days. It’s mostly under control, except for the very first day, which is only 50% confirmed right now because we moved some locations around.  So … that’s gotta get done today too. “Weekend”, eh?

Things I enjoyed about the first week:

  • How incredible our art department is, for transforming an empty space into a mogul’s million dollar boardroom on a very modest budget.
  • The way our AD says “rolling rolling” and cracks jokes on set.
  • The way our 2nd AD remains the most smiley, up-beat, posi-vibes guy at all times, no matter how stressful things get.
  • The fact that, after a slow-ish start, we ramped things up big time and got through eight pages of stuff on our final day of the first week, thus catching the hell up. (Eight pages may not sound like much, but if you think about the fact that most 90-120 page scripts take a month or longer to shoot, getting eight pages done in a single day suddenly starts seeming like really a lot.)
  • The cast. What a bunch of talented, sweet, supportive – and fun! – men and women.  They’re all gorgeous, too.
  • The fact that I managed to hold out until day four before I started eating all the weird snacks at the craft table out of sheer exhaustion.

Tonight, I intend to chill the hell out so that I can get more work done and visit my family, who I haven’t seen in weeks because of this thing. And then, on Thursday,  we’re back on set and I’m back to chugging litres of coffee to stay awake until 6am every day.