Day one went perfectly! I mean, we were a bit slow to get going and we missed out on some lesser moments but on the whole it went off without a hitch. I was feeling pretty damn confident when I finally got to bed around 7am.

That sense of “this is gonna be a breeze” evaporated slightly when I woke up at 1pm and realized I had to head to the office to sign important documents half an hour later then jump in a car to drive all the way out to the Scarborough Bluffs for our second day of shooting – which was shaping up to be cold and rainy, too.

I spent the drive to set frantically calling people on the phone, answering emails and making to do lists, and by the time we got to set I was feeling mostly in control.

I had a banana early on but sort of forgot to eat until around 7:30pm (still kinda “morning” given the hours we’re keeping). Luckily, I’m not one of those “if I don’t eat I get cranky” people.

The first half of the day was rocky. We were slow to start and ended up having to cut a scene because we ran out of daylight. We’ll be able to reschedule it, but still – it can be a mood killer to feel like you didn’t accomplish something you set out to.

moment of beauty on set

moment of beauty on set

Perhaps the universe needed to restore balance, or perhaps we just got into the swing of things after we shifted to our second location and ate some dinner (I inhaled a basketball sized serving of Chinese noodles, like a marathoner before a race), but the later part of the day actually went quite smoothly, and every shot looked brilliant, at least from my vantage point (lurking behind the director and DoP, peeking at the monitor).

I spent the first half of Day 2  (the half that didn’t go great) scrambling to meet some deadlines related to our funding, so I was off set, distracted, and feeling a bit disconnected from shooting. I’d like to avoid that in future and make myself always available to be on set and support the director. That should be a big part of my job right now, and it’s tough to juggle that with the eight million other little logistical details that come up every day.

I got home earlier but more exhausted after Day 2 than I had after the first day. I think being out in the fresh air all night is more tiring than being indoors.

Lessons learned on Day 2:

  • Wear layers. Weather wildly unpredictable.
  • Don’t start drinking coffee too early if you’re going to try to stay up all night.
  • Stay positive when things aren’t going well, because boy does your attitude impact the people around you.
  • Drink lots of water. Unless there’s no bathroom around.