The first day of shooting was an unusual one, because our first location had very specific and strict rules – especially about how many people we would have in the building at any given time. Since I don’t operate crucial equipment and since I’m not in front of the camera delivering lines, I wasn’t on set for the first half of the day. I was across the street in the hotel room where we were doing wardrobe, hair and makeup. It was fun, but it felt slightly surreal – we were finally shooting the film, but I could only hear about it occasionally in brief texts from busy people who were actually on set.

first location: a win

first location: a big coup

After “lunch” (by which I mean the meal we ate at midnight) the restrictions loosened up and I (along with a dozen other support people and assorted helpers) was able to join everyone on set and actually watch the goings on.

Every scene looked gorgeous. The actors nailed all their lines and all their unspoken moments. The crew moved with as much speed and efficiency as anyone can expect on the first day of a shoot – and an overnighter at that. The DoP was on fire (like so many of the people on this project, he’s so, so, so good at what he does that it’s kind of inspiring and magical to watch him work). The AD was cracking jokes and keeping people in line. It was all going so well that I almost couldn’t believe it.

There’s no “but”. It was a great first day.

We accomplished 95% of what we needed and the rest can be easily captured elsewhere. We got more access to amazing spaces than we expected, and it will all show up on screen. This was our most expensive location, and we got our money’s worth.

And now, as I write this, it is 6:23am and I need to shut down whatever glands in my body are producing all the adrenaline and get the hell to bed, because I will be doing it all again in less than 12 hours.

And now, as I post it, it’s 4:15pm and I’m sitting in a car on set catching up on emails and waiting for the crew to arrive so that we can start Day 2. It begins again!

this guy was my favourite

this was my favourite fluffy guy at the museum