We start shooting tonight.

Seems like a pretty good time to not think about the things that have been  difficult, but remind myself of the things that are great. Here are a few things I’m grateful for.

The writer/director, for wanting to work with me and having faith that I’d be able to pull it off.

The co-producer/line producer/PM, for doing eight billion things that I don’t know how to do for the past few months, thus saving my sanity and indeed, the project.

The AD, for jumping on board at the last possible second after our original AD had to bail, and for whipping the schedule for this thing into shape beautifully, and on incredibly short notice.

The actors, for being willing to say yes to a challenging script and jump into the deep end with us.

My family, friends and of course Colin, for being adorably supportive and sweet and doing  everything they can to help me, from finding a harpist on a day’s notice to offering to buy groceries for me when I’m too busy, to sending me lovely texts and emails of support.

Thanks everyone. I’m tired and happy and I have lots to do, so  I’m signing off. See you in Birdland.

thanks, y'all!

thanks, y’all!