Monday September 8, 2014

Monday was clearly going to be the best day of my TIFF, because it was the day I got to see Ned Rifle. Though by the end of the fest it may be tied for best day with Friday, the day on which I’ll get to sit next to John Paizs and watch the restored print of Crime Wave (swoon times ten).

Oh, Bill Sage!

Oh, Bill Sage! Swoon.

I eased into the day with breakfast and a bit of work on that Hal Hartley interview (it can be found here), which I fiddled with for probably longer than was necessary. Then off to Ned Rifle, which was a lovely, pleasant surprise. Funny, smart, and all the other things I have come to expect from Hartley, and it was a really great conclusion to the trilogy – definitely his best work since Henry Fool, and definitely “for the fans”. Every actor from the Hartley stable makes an appearance, even ones who have no business in this trilogy. Of course Martin Donovan is perfect (always perfect) but I especially liked Bill Sage’s cameo (who is also perfect, by the way).

Just watch the trailer and feel the Hartley vibes just radiating straight out of your laptop.

In the afternoon, I went up to the REEL CANADA office to do a bit of work, then to the Royal to give a few out of towners a tour of the facility (mostly friends who are in town for TIFF and run cinemas in other parts of the world). The brief taste of post-TIFF life was intoxicating. I love this festival, but I can’t wait to get back to a normal routine for a while after it’s over. I don’t want to travel or do anything exciting this fall. I just want to live in Toronto, hang out with my actual, non-festival-life friends, cook my own meals, and be at home. It will be wonderful.

In the meantime, hilarious TIFF moments are also wonderful. I had dinner with Norbert and Nadino at Yuzu, a top-notch Japanese place near the festival centre, and then joined Colin for a drink at the fancy place where the TIFF directors’ dinner was being held. A couple of times during the festival, TIFF organizes giant dinners for all the directors. Just think! Your first movie gets selected for TIFF, and you find yourself munching on a kale salad while you’re seated next to … I don’t know, Jean-Luc Godard or someone. I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s not here, but you get my point.

While we were enjoying our drinks, a jovial older man and his small-ish entourage joined us on the rooftop patio, and the bartender quietly informed us that it was “some German director who had just won a prize.” Turns out it was (totally Swedish) Roy fucking Andersson, who’d just found out he won the Golden Lion in Venice. Holy!

We didn’t want to intrude on his private celebration on the patio for very long, so we packed it in after one round and cabbed up to the Ryerson.

wild indeed!

wild indeed!

At Midnight I battled the sleep-veil that was descending upon me to watch Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. It’s a fun documentary of the sort Mark Hartley always makes. The kind of doc that I can watch at midnight and not fall asleep. I’m already making a mental list of films to watch post-TIFF. Top contender? Ninja 3: The Domination, in which the spirit of an evil ninja possesses an aerobics instructor. It’s Flashdance meets The Exorcist meets … y’know, ninjas. Sounds perfect.