Sunday July 27, 2014

By Sunday the meetings have mostly dried up and I can have a blissful few extra hours of sleep before heading to a lunch meeting with some pals. I spend a bit of time catching up on the press Frontières and Fantasia have been getting. I am delighted to discover that the lovely Andrew Mack selected Rite of the Witch Goddess as one of his top pitches, in an article on Twitch.

My favourite quote from the article?

The old school film geek in me says stay. The Jesus in me says ‘RUN AWAY!’

That’s exactly what we were going for!

In the afternoon I hop over to the panel on works in progress to catch clips of some pretty cool upcoming movies, including one Ultra 8 Pictures joint, the upcoming doc WHY Horror? Tal Zimmerman showed some clips and was super funny, as usual. It’s great to see clips of other films by awesome pals, as well, including Ted Geoghegan’s hotly-anticipated-by-me horror film We Are Still Here, and the Moorehead & Benson joint Spring. The whole idea of showing and talking about works in progress is a smart one, and builds buzz for the films while also providing a bit of insight into the process of filmmaking. Probably one of the most useful lessons in that regard is just about how damn long the process can take. Hint: longer than you think, plus another year.

horror megafan Tal Zimmerman and his producer, Kevin Wallis, chat WHY Horror? with the Fantasia crowd

horror megafan Tal Zimmerman and his producer, Kevin Wallis, chat WHY Horror? with the Fantasia crowd

In the evening I do dinner double duty with Tim Reis, first attending the end-of-Frontières dinner for producers. I have half of an amazing plate of lobster mac & cheese (Tim had the lobster roll, both were insanely full of lobster) and chat with a couple of Canadian producers whose proof of concept (for a film called To Be Continued…) in yesterday’s panel was pretty memorable, and Julianne Forde, the charming irish producer of Stitches, my favourite horror comedy of 2012.

seriously though, there was more lobster than pasta in this thing

seriously though, there was more lobster than pasta in this thing

Then Tim and I jet across town to Aux Vivre, James Sizemore’s favourite Montreal vegan joint, where we join James, his wife Ashleigh, Colin, and Tal, for dinner part deux. I eat half of a “dragon bowl”. The dragon sauce is as mysteriously delicious as promised. I regret not buying a bottle.

Last up, the market closing party, a karaoke shindig at a place close to the hotel & festival centre that’s so full and loud and crazy and sweaty that my food-stuffed-and-exhausted response is to spend almost the entire party outside on the front patio with the smokers and similarly overheated others. I meet the guys behind The Creeping Garden, one of my most anticipated documentaries of the year, and am delighted to hear that their premiere went well. It’s about slime moulds, guys! I read an article about how this wacky organism was being used to design the most efficient interstate system. This was years ago and I have wanted to know more ever since.

Four key takeaways from the party:

  • Montreal has a local wrestling league called Battle War, at which men throw each other into piles of thumbtacks and break many tables and chairs.
  • Next time I’m in Montreal, I gotta go to Battle War.
  • Battle War is a great name. For anything.

In spite of my desire to party hard, at this point in the market I’m terrified of catching the bug that has kept James in bed for the past few days and seems to also be ruining Colin. So I hug everyone goodbye and go home at the reasonable hour of 1:30am or so, after only one beer. I am such a grownup.