I’m on a train catching up on some Birdland casting business (we’re approaching some big names this week) and struggling to type with the insane nails I decided to inflict upon my hands for Fantasia (flashier nails = more confidence, right?) and texting my Rite of the Witch Goddess teammates and generally getting excited about Frontières.

blurry photo from a shaky train as I write this very blog post - woah

blurry photo from a shaky train as I write this very blog post – woah

By this time tomorrow, our pitch will probably be over. I keep having to remind myself that the me who is nervous about public speaking is the me of ten years ago and not the me of today. The me of today is at ease with a microphone in any situation except karaoke. And that’s not about confidence, it’s about the particular weird skill-set and personality required to enjoy doing karaoke, which I lack. I like watching other people do it! I can’t wait to see my cute friends sing their hearts out at the Frontières closing party. I hope Nicole raps.


Today is going to be a pretty full day. I arrive in Montreal at 2:30, get to the hotel by 3ish and head straight out to the presentation venue for a tech check with James.

After we test our trailer on the big screen to make sure it looks and sounds amazing tomorrow, I’ll be heading back for a workout at the hotel gym. It will clear my mind for a night of pitch rehearsals. Around 6ish, Tim will arrive in Montreal. We’ll probably get some kind of takeout dinner and hunker down for a couple of hours of going over our presentation until we feel extremely confident.

Then, an early night in. The last thing I want is to feel under-slept or hung over for the presentation. Everyone at Fantasia descends on a bar called the Irish Embassy at the end of each night, where jovial film nerds drink beer on a huge back patio until the wee hours. I will be skipping it tonight in favour of a really solid night’s sleep. But tomorrow? Look out Embassy!

hey, I know the duo standing in front of that bar!

hey, I know the duo standing in front of that bar!

I stole this photo from the excellent Jay Clarke’s excellent blog The Horror Section. This pic is from 2008, but coincidentally, the young lady in the black top pictured here (Serena Whitney) is going to be at Fantasia with me this year, because she’s the co-writer of one of the Off-Frontières projects, Mark of Kane. Check out their poster over on Fangoria.

Ok! Almost in Montreal. Time to get ready to get off this train.