Oh, projects. Why are there so many of you?

On this week’s agenda:

  • Locking the August (and, to a large extent, September – because, y’know, TIFF) programming for the Royal and emailing all the distributors to request various titles for various dates. Colin is doing most of the emailing, thankfully, but I helped map it out. We have some cool stuff in store!
  • Help Colin lock his TIFF films. I’m not a TIFF employee and I have no official role in this process, but I know how much of Colin’s time it will take over the next few days, so I’m trying hard to figure out ways to help, so that he can be TIFF-distraction-free when we get to Montreal, because I will really need some moral support.
  • Finalizing my Fantasia pitch presentation (notes, slideshow of images, trailer, etc). Now that I’ve booked my manicure appointment and requested all the meetings, I can move on to the less crucial stuff like, y’know, making sure we have a poster to put up.
  • Scrambling to figure out interim / gap financing for a project that is in the “waiting to hear from funders” stage. One of the funders called me today to tell me our package is very strong (yay) but that we’re disadvantaged by the fact that we only have about 30% of our financing secured, whereas many other applicants are in the 60-100% range (boo). I’m not sure what I can do to beef up those numbers in the next two weeks, but that is my timeline. Good luck, me.
  • Updating the U8P slate brochure for Fantasia so that I have something to leave with the people I meet with. This involves sending updates to a graphic designer, because my layout skills pretty much topped out at MS Paint, and also checking in with various filmmakers to see if it’s ok to continue hawking the projects we’re working on. Some are on hold as other things move forward, and others are being pushed to the front, because I want to prioritize them. I should have done this weeks ago.
  • Moving (most of) the U8P office from our fifth floor space to our new, brighter, more awesome second floor space (thankfully, within the same building). I’m hopeful that this can happen within the next few
  • Having a birthday! It’s tomorrow. I’m not a party type, so I’m not having a party, but I am also going to try hard to not spend all day tomorrow working. I work all the friggin’ time.
this is the faraway look I get when I am thinking about my to do lists

this is the faraway look I get when I am thinking about my to do lists – at least my lipstick is on point

I’ve also been averaging like five trips to the gym per week, which I’d sure love to keep up in this final seven-ish days before I zip off to Fantasia, because I want to be in peak physical condition when I hit the stage for that pitch. If I can squeeze it into my days, that is. Last year, the presentations were held in a classroom with a pull-down screen and a little projector. This year, they’re taking place hereThe new venue makes it feel way more nerve-wracking. I don’t usually get stage fright (five years of self-inflicted torture in the form of high school drama classes, many years of playing in bands, a toastmasters course once upon a time, and years spent making presentations to large groups of teachers for REEL CANADA) but this is my first time ever pitching a film, and especially one that I had a hand in writing. That freaks me out a little. I know I’ll be prepared, but I don’t want to involuntarily let anyone see me sweat. Y’know, like when you’re freaked out and your voice gets shaky? That. I don’t want that to happen. Maybe a shot of whisky 15 minutes before I go on stage? Or some breathing exercises.