Saturday May 17

I wanted to have an early start, but in spite of waking up totally un-hung-over, I was too damn tired to actually make it out for the earliest of our early meetings. Instead, met Colin for coffee and croissants after his first of the day and then went off to meet with a sales agent. Fairly uneventful early afternoon of quick meetings as I tried frantically to update my paper schedule to match my online schedule (takes time but is ultimately worth it to have both).

In the afternoon, Colin and I got to actually watch a real movie together, which was a rare treat. Saw the Critics’ Week selection It Follows, which I loved. Maika Monroe, who stars in it and also the Wingard/Barrett joint The Guest, is really shaping up to be my Indie Film It Girl of 2014. I like her a lot. Haven’t seen her in anything but those two films so far, and don’t know how far she can stretch her acting range (yet) but she’s incredibly pleasant to watch. I’m charmed, totally.

In the evening, went for cocktails just north of the centre at the apartment of my new friend Evrim, a totally delightful gentleman who I met after learning that he’s engaged to one of the coolest ladies I’ve met on the film fest circuit (BUFF director of programming, Nicole). I didn’t know just how much I needed a good Old Fashioned until Evrim made me one. Lovely times with him and his flatmates till it was time to stroll down to Papa Nino’s for pizza before the midnight screening.

Russ and Evrim at Papa Nino's

Russ and Evrim at Papa Nino’s

There was quite a wait for pizza, because Papa Nino’s only seats about 30, but it was very much worth it. I went totally rogue (I always order the “Speciale”, with various meats, veggies, and an egg cracked into the middle) and this time ordered the “Napolitaine”, an anchovy, caper and olive pizza. It was saltier than the dead sea but boy was it delicious.

The midnight screening (the Danish western The Salvation) unfortunately failed to win my heart, in spite of Mads Mikkelsen. The 140-ish minute film didn’t get rolling until around 1:00am and by the time 2:15 rolled around I realized that I actually had no interest in the remaining 70 minutes. Slightly longer thoughts to come in a future roundup, but the characters seemed both flat and thin to me, and the film lacked the soul of a good western. I can’t rightly review it, since I didn’t see the end, but man, I can definitely say one thing about Cannes. They’re not very good at selecting films for the midnight timeslot that make you really want to stay awake till 3am. At 7pm, I might have liked this film more. At 2am, I had no patience for it.

Colin & I make faces before The Salvation

Colin & I make faces before The Salvation

Skipped late-night drinks at the Grand and Petit and went straight to bed again. It was still quite late, but whatever. This sobriety-bender feels amazing!