Way back in Berlin this February I updated everyone on the progress of Replace, a very cool psychological thriller / body horror film that Colin and I are working on. It’s a Canadian-German co-pro and we’re thrilled to be working with David Miller (Siddharth, Blackbird, Amal, countless other great Canadian films) and the writer-director and producer team who we affectionately refer to as “our Germans”, Norbert Keil and Felix von Poser.

the giant Replace poster at the 108 Media booth

the giant Replace poster at the 108 Media booth

In Berlin we announced that the film was happening. In Cannes, we announce that we’ve almost locked our cast – Rebecca Forsythe (she’s this guy‘s daughter but she got the role on her own merits), German model-actress Lisa Tomaschewsky, and two Canucks – Ksenia Solo & Michael Ironside (did you know he was Canadian? He is).

Guess who I’m most excited about?

All of them, of course. C’mon, I don’t play favourites! Anyway, here’s the Playback article about it. Wheee!

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