… sometimes, they get me down. And other times, I’m reminded of the fact that I’m working with a bunch of lovely and talented people who deserve success and happiness and I’m delighted to be involved. This week is full of the latter kind of feeling. There are a few exciting announcements coming later in the week about two (or maybe even three?) of my wee little film seedlings, but today lemme give you some updates about two films that are actually done (or close to it) – Another, and WHY Horror? 


First of all, that poster is damn gorgeous. Secondly, Jason Bognacki is a talented filmmaker and I’m thrilled that Colin and I came on board to help his film get out into the world. As you can read in this article on Bloody Disgusting, Epic Pictures Group has just snapped the film up for world sales, and it’s having its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival this weekend.We’ll be toasting with glasses of rosé from afar. And if you have any friends in Seattle, send ’em to the film!

Why Horror poster clean

WHY Horror? has been shot, dozens of interviews are in the can, and the team is frantically editing the film together. They too have recently been picked up for international sales by the French company WTFilms. They also represent another film that we over at U8P have our fingers in, Joseph O’Brien’s Devil’s Mile, which is finally done and will be having its world premiere later this year (nothing we can announce yet, but we have high hopes). Check out the Screen Daily and Deadline blurbs about WHY Horror?’s spot on the new WTFilms doc slate.