The flights were long, and our stopover in Frankfurt was even longer (seriously, like eight hours) but I watched a great Bollywood film (basically Romeo and Juliet, but more dancing) and read a friend’s (wonderful) script, and slept for a wee bit and ate complimentary sausages in the Frankfurt airport lounge. Besides, I’m not jaded enough to grumble about a trip of any length that lands me in Cannes, the jewel of the international film festival circuit, and the market that I hear more people complain about than any other. Quit grumbling, weary film professionals! You’re in the south of France! Is that a glass of rosé I see in your hand? Knock it back and look up at the (for now, at least) sunny sky and thank your lucky stars that this is your life. It’s pretty swell to be here.

seriously, the dancing!

seriously, the dancing!

Arrived in Cannes around dinnertime on Monday and headed out into the (quiet, nearly deserted) streets in search of something that would make us fall asleep. Settled on pasta, started feeling dozy, but then ran into some pals from Fantasia who joined our table and perked us right back up.

The apartment this year is strangely and badly laid out and has lots of frustrating quirks (like the fact that the bathroom door handle comes off in your hand every time you try to open it, or the fact that there are four people staying here but there is only one bowl in the kitchen), but who’s complaining? Certainly not me (see paragraph one, above). I just won’t close the bathroom door, no big deal.

On Tuesday Colin spent many hours in a TIFF staff meeting while I napped (woke up at 6am, felt like one million Euros, and crashed by 2pm – thanks, jetlag!) and then met up with Ultra 8 Pictures’ latest recruit, our Washington D.C. based acquisitions consultant, Chad Eberle. You know how some people do like, “fantasy baseball”? Well, Chad does “fantasy film programming” and the kid’s a natural. The tracking list he’s developed just as a hobby could easily rival any professional programmer’s. We’re delighted to have him on board to help build the U8P empire.

Papa Nino's won't be this quiet again for at least 10 days

Papa Nino’s won’t be this quiet again for at least 10 days

Chad and I went to Papa Nino’s for pizza while Colin noshed with the TIFF team, and then we all met up at the Petit Majestic, where everyone ends their night (every night) and where I proceeded to try to keep pace, beer-wise, with our dear friends from FrightFest. Pro tip: don’t try that unless you’re a plucky Serbian gal with a strong constitution. Good thing I am one of those! Phew. And speaking of FrightFest, if you only read one Cannes blog this year, let it be their Postcards From Cannes (I don’t think they’ve started publishing yet, because the festival hasn’t started yet, but here’s a link to last year’s to give you the flavour of the thing. Those London boys are charming, and then some.

photo 5

outside the Petit Majestic, new recruit Chad, FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy, and that guy Colin who I travel with and who everyone’s always so happy to see

As I write this, it’s a sunny and warm Wednesday morning and the market is just a few hours old. I’m about to pack up my schedule, toss on my sunglasses, and head out into the world. My first movie of the day is going to be some sci-fi Can-con, so life is good.