I’ve talked and written a lot about my love of this far-too-little-known but gob-smackingly smart, funny and unique film by brilliant Winnipegger John Paizs. Crime Wave  is really terrific and hard to find because it’s never been out on DVD, so you have to either look for it on VHS, on torrent sites, or at your local rep theatre where it occasionally pops up for screenings, usually using the director’s own print.

My most succinct article about the film is probably this one, which I wrote for Toronto Film Scene. It really encapsulates how I feel about the film. And (I hope at least), some of what makes it important. So, y’know, go read that first, then continue on to the next paragraph. And watch the film. For god’s sake, find a way to watch the film.

Crime Wave 1

he was a quiet man …

The reason I’m writing about Crime Wave again is just that I wanted to let you (the world) know that a book has just been released about the film (using a few more words than I can in a tweet or FB status update). University of Toronto Press has released this awesomeness by Jonathan Bell, which can be bought from them or even on Amazon. Google that shit and get it. A paperback will cost  you under $15, which is really a worthwhile investment in discovering a little piece of cinematic history that will quickly win your heart.

This piece of lost Canadiana deserves all the attention this book gives it and more, and I sincerely hope someone takes on the worthy task of restoring the film and putting it out in some kind of more easily accessible digital format, like DVD or BluRay. I’m gonna say TIFF should get that ball rolling on that task, because when they send out press releases like this one, I gotta ask “where on your ‘To Do’ list is Crime Wave and why haven’t you gotten to it yet?”

Crime Wave Poster

this hand painted (by Paizs) original poster graces the book cover

All I can say about this book, having not read it yet, is that I can’t wait to read it. And that I’m a little bit sorry I didn’t write it first.