It’s the weekend – time to give feminism the day off and get back to the important matters of the season, am I right? I said I’d post a list of the major  omissions in my horror experience, so here you go. In most cases, I have no excuse. Very few of these films have been avoided on purpose (only one, in fact).

here is an image from a film I have not seen

here is an image from a film I have not seen

Anyway, to the list of shame. Feel free to, in fact, shame me:

The Beyond – I have seen relatively little Fulci. What I have seen, I really enjoyed, though.

Dawn of the Dead – The original. I’ve seen Night and Day but not Dawn. I don’t know how that happened.

The Devil’s Backbone – I haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth, either.

The Evil Dead – Yes, the original. Also the remake.

The Fog – I love John Carpenter, and I’ve seen everything he made between 1980 and 1995 … except The Fog. I have no explanations for this. 

Haute Tension – To be fair, I was reeeeeally preoccupied with playing in bands and not watching movies in 2003, but I don’t have much of an excuse for not catching up with it since.

Ju-on – I’m fairly certain I’ve seen none of the Grudge films. It seems pretty scary, and I think I might enjoy it?

Martyrs – I had Colin describe the plot of this one to me in excruciating detail, and I decided I never wanted to actually see it. Sorry, but this is precisely the kind of horror film I find not enjoyable in the least.

The Omen – I’ve always wanted to see this one. Maybe this year is the year!

Saw – And also all its sequels. I don’t like the term “torture porn” AT ALL because I think it misunderstands horror, and torture, and (not least of all) porn. But I also don’t like films that feature a lot of torture, even if it’s implausible and over the top and silly. On the other hand, I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed all the Final Destination films, so it’s not like I can’t enjoy a good stupid franchise.

Last but not least, what’s the best way to list “All Dario Argento Films Other Than Suspiria and Deep Red“? Because also that.

another one I haven't seen

another one I haven’t seen

Oh god, I feel so unburdened, now that you all know the truth.

To be honest though, I thought the list would be a lot longer. While consulting various “best horror films of all time” lists in order to ensure I wasn’t forgetting something painfully obvious, I was actually comforted to realize that I’ve  seen many more classics than I thought. I mean heck, I’ve seen nine out of the Time Out London top ten. And more than half of the list as a whole (but I didn’t really keep count).