… I’m gonna start this blog anyway.

The idea of diary-style personal blogging has never appealed to me, even though I like reading other people’s. I contribute to websites / blogs all the time, and have done for years, but it’s always stuff like film reviews, interviews, various other mostly journalistic-type articles, and so on. I often contribute to Toronto Film Scene. If you have an intense, stalker-level interest in my writing, you can find all my articles for TFS here.

Once in a blue moon, I write fiction (my latest short story was published in this anthology of modern fables), but I don’t usually post that kind of thing online either, even though, once again, I’m glad other people do.

So, you might be thinking “ok, Kat, if you’re not really into blogging, why are you starting a blog? It’s 2013, not 1997.”

Well, lemme tell ya. In 2012, I had the pleasure of writing a festival diary during my time at the Cannes Film Festival, for The Substream.

Here's me, during my first trip to Cannes, at a party with Gaspar Noe.

Here’s me looking “serious”, during my first trip to Cannes, at a party with Gaspar Noe.

The Cannes Festival Diary was so fun to write that I ended up doing it again a second time, when I went to Berlin for the festival there in February 2013. You can find the full archive of those entries below. I enjoyed the experience so much, I thought I might like to do it again. But alas, The Substream has gone on hiatus, and I no longer had an obvious and easy outlet for my musings.

My 2012 Cannes Diary (reposted from the now-defunct Substream website):

My 2013 Berlinale Diary (also reposted):

I have been wanting to consolidate my scattered online activity for a while now, and starting a website to which I could link everything. And what better time to launch than now, when  the 2013 edition of the Cannes Film Festival is just days away?  In fact, I’m already in the south of France prepping for it.

In the next couple of days, expect a couple of introductory posts explaining a bit more about who I am and what I do, followed by a festival diary all about my experiences as a producer who’s really just starting out, and kind of clueless about a lot of things. I may also write about the movies I watch. If they’re really good.